Encourage Coordination and Fun with Kids Dance Classes

Any child can dance. By teaching them dance, you are encouraging them to learn rhythm, style, and coordination by fully training their postural muscles. We can start working with kids that are 3.5-years to help them on the path to learning ballet, jazz, tap dancing, contemporary dance, and Acro dance. However, all our dances and practices will encourage them to learn the proper techniques in the most fun and safest way possible. Are you ready to let us encourage coordination and fun with kids dance classes? Check out about us at charlottemarn.com

About Our Dance Classes

Our courses are designed to help children of all ages become more creative and physically fit. It requires them to develop grace, athleticism, and an overall good technique. Kids can learn these skills through private classes and in the studio.

Our Teachings

Unlike other dance classes that rely on strict teachings of the dance movements, we strive to keep things fun. We do not want the dance to be about pain, mentally or physically. We do not encourage our dancers to push themselves beyond the limits of their abilities. We do not push them to risk injuries. We simply want the kids to enjoy their time with us. This will give most parents comfort.

In our classes, students will be able to do their dance moves and see themselves in video as we strive to work together to perfect their techniques. This advances their skills and pushes them to do better because they see the parts that they need to improve. However, we do not push them beyond what they are able to do and we do not discourage in any way what they are doing so far.

How the Kids Feel About Dance

Our goal is to see our kids learning and laughing. We are not happy with the dance classes unless the kids are having a great time and it shows in how our kids respond. They are devoted to the dances. They are excited about their time in the classes and most wish that they could be a part of it more than once a week. For this reason, we do offer them the opportunity to be a part of other classes if they want to.

If you want this type of environment and skill for your child, then we encourage you to contact us about our many kids dance classes. See which one your child may be most interested in. We will get them started as soon as possible.

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